PreEvent - 10 PACK

PreEvent - 10 PACK

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PreEvent is an all natural, raspberry flavoured, mix pre-drink which is designed to fortify your bodies natural chemical balances and help your body recover quicker from a hard days work or a long night of partying.

INGREDIENTS: Evaporated Cane Juice, Sugar Cane Stalk (sugar removed), Sorghum, Beetroot, Citric Acid, Potassium Bicarbonate, Himalayan Pink Salt, Ascorbic Acid, Natural Flavour, Vegetable Gum.


Servings per sachet: 1. Serving Size: 22g

Per Serve Per 100g
 Energy  314.9kJ  1369.2kJ
 Protein  0.4g  1.5g
 Fat, Total  0.1g  0.4g
 – Saturated  0.0g  0.1g
 Carbohydrates, Total  14.9g  64.7g
 – Sugars  13.3g  57.8g
 Fibre  3.2g  14.1g
 Sodium  194.9mg  847.4mg
 Calcium  4.2mg  18.3mg
 Vitamin C  247.3mg  1075.3mg