Workout Recovery

Exercise – damaging our bodies to make them better.

When we exercise, we are essentially placing our bodies under excessive stress to force it to adjust by putting on muscle mass, or increasing endurance or something similar so that the stress is no longer excessive. While ultimately this is beneficial in the short term, it results in inflammation and other damage which we perceive as muscle soreness and fatigue. This inflammation is similar to an allergic reaction, in that it is the body’s natural defence system responding to an essentially harmless event in such a way that it causes more problems than the event itself. By reducing the effects of the damage caused to the cells, PreEvent allows faster recovery and more efficient fitness. The damage that exercise causes to the body can, in general terms be split into 3 categories:

  1. The body becomes dehydrated from the increased activity required for exercise, as well as the need for the body to process the waste from cellular damage. While increased urination after exercise is a factor, an adult exercising loses about 1 litre of fluid per hour of exercise through sweat. Most people assume that dehydration is about water and there is a negative slant in our society towards salt, but the truth is that exercise can dramatically reduce essential electrolytes. In reality, the body requires a salt/bicarbonate solution (which is why rehydration drinks such as Gastrolyte are so salty) and paradoxically drinking excess water can make dehydration worse. When water is taken in but no salt the kidneys excrete the excess which results in a little more salt loss that increases dehydration. To properly rehydrate a combination of essential salts (sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc etc.) and water is needed. So-called “sports drinks” are in fact mostly sugar, as the salt required for proper rehydration is unpleasant to most palates in a simple drink. Paradoxically, a drink high in simple sugars (such as commercially available Gatorade) can increase dehydration.

  2. Secondly exercise causes cellular damage that results in high usage of several vitamins essential to metabolism and muscle repair. These vitamins are only required in small amounts under normal circumstances and many of them are not stored by the body for long periods of time. Under normal circumstances, a person can replenish these vitamins from a healthy diet, however the “western” diet of highly processed foods is lacking in most of these vitamins. Even with a good diet, someone who is constantly stressing their body with exercise can find it extremely difficult to keep vitamin levels high enough to repair the damage quickly. This is why a “Berrocca” style high-dose multivitamin works for some people, even though it is an exceptionally poor method of consuming vitamins.

  3. Finally, and most importantly, the break-down of cells due to exercise causes a low level systemic inflammation event that results in a general feeling of stiffness as well as other symptoms such as tiredness and poor focus. This is the source of the symptoms that we tend to really think of as “post workout muscle soreness” that prevent recovery and make exercising so hard. In order to get stronger, the cells in our muscles need to be damaged, however this spills the cytosol (the inside of the cells) into places that it shouldn’t be, promoting cellular damage from enzymes and immune response from the body. The faster this inflammation is dealt with the better the result.

How does PreEvent work?

PreEvent is a unique combination of natural ingredients that addresses all three of these causes and supplies you with what you need before, or after, a training session. PreEvent will reduce the time and level of post workout soreness if taken after a training session but is much more effective at preventing them entirely if taken immediately beforehand. Simply charge up with a PreEvent drink before training and you can deal with the stress of exercise quickly before it causes negative consequences.

PreEvent is a combination of plant foods that are high in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that have a proven anti-inflammatory function as well as increasing blood flow to the extremities. Included in the formulation is Celtic sea salt, an excellent source of the salts and minerals you need to replenish electrolytes from a hard workout. Rapadura, which is whole cane juice dried to maintain the goodness is also full of electrolytes as well as “good sugars” for an energy boost.

To boost the efficacy of the natural ingredients PreEvent has been fortified with a super shot of B and C vitamins. Finally, Turmeric, one of natures true “superfoods” has been added to bolster the anti-inflammatory benefits and the micronutrients.

For centuries fresh sugarcane juice has been known to be an excellent source of micronutrients and has been used as a medicine by every culture where it is native. The first recorded Chinese medical text, the Huangdi Neijing, listed sugarcane juice as a treatment for the inflammation caused by alcohol consumption (hangovers). A quick search of sugarcane and hangover will result in many cultures using it as a cure for acute inflammation caused by many things including alcohol and exercise. The problem with sugarcane juice is that for it to work it must be fresh (less than a few hours old) PreEvent captures the goodness of fresh sugarcane in a powder and fortifies it with all the other components you need to deal with exercise recovery.

Dealing with high protein intake induced constipation.

In order to effectively maintain muscle mass and aid with the repair of muscle damage, many people make use of high protein shakes or other high protein foods. However, our bodies have evolved to use food that is low in macronutrient content (which is why our small intestines are so long) and have trouble processing pure sources of protein. A common side effect of this kind of diet is constipation. Constipation is caused by a number of factors:

  1. Processing protein is dehydrating. Protein requires a lot of processing by your kidneys and liver. After protein is unfolded by gastric juices in your stomach, it gets broken into amino acids by pancreatic enzymes in your intestines. Free amino acids must then be processed by your liver, and the resulting by-products are filtered into urine by your kidneys. Combine this with the dehydrating effect of exercise itself and significant strain is placed onto our bodies. Electrolytes and water must be replaced by a high value food such as PreEvent.

  2. Fibre needs are not met. The intestinal microbiota (microbiome) play an important role in how we process foods as well as how we absorb essential nutrition. Many of the bacteria in our gut require fibre to function correctly. The fibre allows the bacteria to stimulate the intestinal wall for correct processing. In addition, the insoluble fibre component of PreEvent has been shown to directly stimulate peristalsis which moves stool along the intestinal tract.

  3. Co-factor requirements. An often-overlooked aspect of nutrition is the need for co-factors and secondary metabolites. To put it simply, vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates etc. are not enough on their own. Our bodies are designed to absorb complex foods and providing only one nutrient at a time is very inefficient. PreEvent’s natural ingredients provide many of the co-factors that allow for efficient food absorption.

The active ingredients in PreEvent have been shown to directly influence stool transport in an effective way. Hospital and opioid induced constipation, as well as exercise and protein intake constipation have been shown in controlled trials to be significantly reduced when the active ingredients in PreEvent are included in a healthy diet.