Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pre-Event actually work?

Yes. Pre-Event is the most advanced and effective drink additive that supports a hectic lifestyle, helps you recover from training and prevents hangovers. Our busy professional lifestyles, exercise and even hangovers both deplete carbohydrates and essential electolytes and create an inflammatory response from the body, which are all addressed by Pre-Event's blend of natural ingredients.

How is Pre-Event different from other hangover cures or preventatives?

Pre-Event is the only drink supplement to address all three impacts of a hangover with a blend of slow-burn carbohydrates, essential electrolytes and a patented, natural anti-inflammatory ingredient.

How is Pre-Event different from just having a Berocca?

By their own admission, taking multi-vitamin pills or drinks are only useful if your dietary intake is lacking in those vitamins and minerals but they have no impact on inflammation. Pre-Event supports the stresses of work, training and a night out as it addresses the impacts of each.

When should I take Pre-Event?

Pre-Event is best taken at the start of the day and/or before heading out for a night out.

Does Pre-Event really address "Asian Flush"?

Yes. The same anti-inflammatory benefits that combat the effects of hangovers work on Asian Flush. PreEvent's unique combination of natural ingredients supplies the body with what it needs to increase its ability to process aldehyde as well as the ability to limit the damage from the aldehyde while it is still in the body's system.