Best Hangover Cures

The best hangover cure is... prevention!

But firstly, what exactly is a hangover?

When alcohol, a mycotoxin, is introduced to the bloodstream it is processed by the liver and kidneys to remove it as quickly as possible. Along the way it causes several biological changes that for many people ultimately result in a hangover. When a person has a hangover it has 3 main causes:

  1. The body becomes dehydrated due to the need for the kidneys to process the alcohol, often combined with increased activity from a night out. Most people assume that dehydration is about water and so there is a common myth that drinking glasses of water equal to glasses of alcohol will reduce a hangover. In reality the body requires a salt/bicarbonate solution (which is why rehydration drinks such as Gastrolyte are so salty) and paradoxically drinking excess water can make dehydration worse. When water is taken in but no salt the kidneys excrete the excess which results in a little more salt loss that increases dehydration. To properly rehydrate a combination of essential salts (sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc etc.) and water is needed.

  2. Secondly consuming alcohol causes cellular damage and food malabsorption, this results in high usage and poor replenishment of several vitamins essential to good function. Over the long term (in alcoholics for example) this can be serious and life threatening, however for sensible drinkers it results in acute loss and a feeling of general “unwellness” until the bodies reserves are returned to healthy levels – thus a hangover and the craving of fatty, salty food and fruit juices (the sources of A, D, K, B group and C vitamins). This is also why a “Berrocca” style high dose multivitamin works for some people.

  3. Finally, and most importantly the break-down of alcohol is a multi-step process that results in acetaldehyde as a transition molecule. This causes a low level systemic inflammation event that results in a general feeling of stiffness as well as poor cognitive function and headaches. This is the source of the symptoms that we tend to really think of as a hangover so only treating the other two is of minimal benefit.

How does Pre-event work?

Pre-event is a unique combination of natural ingredients that addresses all three of these causes and supplies you with what you need before the big night out. Pre-event will reduce the time and level of a hangover but is much more effective at preventing them entirely. Simply charge up with a pre- event drink before the drinking begins and you can deal with the alcohol far more effectively without affecting your night out in any way.

Pre-event is a combination of plant foods that are high in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that have a proven anti-inflammatory function and a settling effect on the stomach, with natural Himalayan rock salt – a good source of the salts and minerals you need, dehydrated coconut water, full of electrolytes and “good sugars” for an energy boost as well as a super shot of vitamin C and some glucose to get the evening going.

For centuries fresh sugarcane juice has been known to be an excellent source of micronutrients and has been used as a medicine by every culture where it is native. The first recorded Chinese medical text the Huangdi Neijing list sugarcane juice as a treatment for hangovers. A quick search of sugarcane and hangover will result in many cultures using it as a cure. The problem with sugarcane

juice is that for it to work it must be fresh (less than a few hours old) Pre-event captures the goodness of fresh sugarcane in a powder and fortifies it with all the other components you need to deal with a big night out.