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First Drink of the Night

When you have your PreEvent drink is important. When taken right before you start drinking, PreEvent works at its best. Enjoy your night out AND the next day!

Proven to Work

Tests prove that one PreEvent sachet taken with water before drinking will reduce or prevent the hangover in the majority of cases.

Real Science

PreEvent does not contain magical herbs discovered by ancient tribes - just natural ingredients scientifically proven to treat inflammation..

Completely Natural

PreEvent is made from 100% natural ingredients with scientifically proven anti-inflammatory effects. Inflammation is the main cause of your hangover (aside from the all the booze!).


PreEvent is best as a preventative measure - it will help reduce a hangover but don't expect miracles - hangovers hurt! If you forget, PreEvent will help the next morning as well.

Works everywhere

Keep a sachet in your bag to have protection anytime, anywhere. Just add to water, drink and enjoy hangover resistance.

Are you ready to get started?