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When alcohol enters the bloodstream, your kidneys and liver kick in to start removing it as quickly as possible. This normal bodily process results in three main biological changes:-

  1. Dehydration and electrolyte loss
  2. Cellular damage and food malabsorption
  3. Systemic inflammation from alcohol breakdown

These changes are what give many people a hangover.

The unique natural ingredients in PreEvent prepare your body by addressing these changes before you’ve started drinking. Taking PreEvent will reduce the time and severity of your hangover, most likely preventing it entirely.

What Customers Say

Brad - Gosford

I have been using Prevent now for nearly 12 months. I have found that not only do I never get a hangover, but I am feeling really good the next day! You owe it to yourself to try it

Annette - Sydney

I have a supply of Pre Event and take it before any big night or long lunch. I hate having headaches and taking Pre Event before each of these outings makes me a bit more careful and think about what I drink. And I don’t get headaches from the events either

Sheila - Bamforth

I hosted a big New Year’s Eve party this year at my home and was stressed out all day. I took Pre Event just before everyone arrived and had a great party and then in the morning there was no headache as there might usually have been after such a big day

Matthew & Garren - London

We go to Glastonbury Festival every year and always have headaches the morning after but this year we took a load of Pre Event with us. We were still tired but no headaches